Letters from Tanzania

Letters from Gideon and Line Soombe



Pastor Gideon's wife Line, and daughter Lasoi, teach at a small school. The school was closed because they don't have a restroom with running water. $1,000 has been sent and the trenching for the water line has begun.

You may donate to this cause by taking cans and scrap metal to the livestock trailer across from the Golden Elevator. 


Written to Bob Leenerts:

March 1, 2013

Thank you for the mail it was very good to hear about Benson & Terry. Mark and his family. We always keep you all in memory our young grandchildren still remembers you. They have the name Bob at their heads. Laila is at secondary school at Jipe.

The tree that you planted is now a big tree.

Eble wrote us a letter and say “Hello” to Bob.

It has rained and washed out the worms, and the grass is now growing again and we are planting maize and beans.

Our bishop passed on February 7, 2013 and the funeral was on February 15, 2013 at Arusha. Ngina is at Arusha with Line, she is undergoing a minor operation of appendix on February 12, 2013 . Many greetings to your children say hello to them all. We received the money on February 11, 2013 thanks a lot God bless you all.

Gideon & Line Soombe

To Bob Leenerts:

January 29, 2013

It has been a long time without communication. We thank God that we are still in good health as well as our children. Elbe is now learning Engineering at Loiborsoit College. He is always thinking of you. He said if God wishes, he will come to America one day. Lasoi, our last daughter is now in a Secondary School Form Two. All our children say hello to you.

Line retired on January 16, 2013 and she is now teaching at her own school near out home.

We read about Jim and Mary Trutwin being asked by their Bishop to serve as an Interim Minister for six months.

The Water Solution people have come and finished the well.

There was rain, but the army worms destroyed a lot of grass and crops and poisoned the cattle feeding on the grasses. We are waiting for the rain again to wash away the poison of the army worms.

Ashley was very sorry to see that the water pump is not functioning.

You said that you want to send us a small amount of money, we thank you very much.

God Bless you,


Updates on Gideon Soombe January 25, 2013

As you know, there was a well dug for Gideon and his village. As of now, the pump hasn’t been installed. Unfortunately, everything seems to move a LOT slower in Africa. Mark Benson is still working on getting the pump installed. A technician was supposed go to Naberera on January 10th so we hope the pump will soon be installed.

Richard Nkomea, who worked with Ashley Leenerts for Africa Hope Mission traveled to Gideon’s area and took the pictures.

Richard also reported back with answers of some of Bob’s questions..

  • Gideon is doing good with his family. I met with him and he is a good man. He welcomed me and my team of nine pastors from Kenya.
  • (Gideon’s sons) Ebule is going to Nangwa Technical College very soon and Alonzo is doing well with his family. He is married with one son, Daniel. He is employed as a driver so he is working.
  • Gideon’s house is not finished, as seen in the pictures.
  • About the well, it is not yet finished but it is at its last part. The well is drilled and the pump house is finished, but the pump is not yet installed. Gideon told me that some money was sent though he does not know the amount. It was sent to an organization, Water Solution. The money is in the hands of Jovin) he told me that they are saying the pump is coming but it is taking too long.
  • Gideon will take care of the well once it is completed.
  • The help Gideon needs is to complete the kindergarten construction. Gideon’s family are constructing a kindergarten since his wife is going for retirement next year so she will take care of the school as a way to help children in that community to have a good start in their education. They are saying the first priority in their lives for now is the school. Their car also has problems with the tires. They are all gone.
  • Naberera is very, very dry for now in general. Many parts of Tanzania are very dry.
  • The dairy business is doing well. I did not get more information about the business, but he told me it is doing well.
  • Gideon is still a pastor, but he told me, “I am a revived pastor though am retired. I am retired, but am not tired.”
  • In general, Gideon is a doing well. He is a very happy man with his family. I also saw the tractor’s part lying around and he told me it is in service.

Gideon and Line's new house being built.          Gideon with his grandson, Alonzo's wife            The well
                                                                                                 Line and Richard Nkomea.

Richard's Team                                                                  The pump house

Letters From Gideon & Line

December 27, 2011

Dear Jim, Mary and Brothers and Sisters in Golden,

We greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We also wish you a good Happy New Year. We are all fine and have a very good end of the year. It has rained and everywhere is green. However, we had a very bad time of drought so we lost some goats and cows.

We thank God that we are sure he is also protecting you. We think of you often.

The children are grown up now. Lasoi (a girl), the last born, is in form tow, Moinan (a girl) is in form four and Ebule, our son has completed his form four. Alonzo has a baby boy called Daniel. Line is still teaching, but will retire on Jan. 17, 2013. Her kindergarten school is going on. I an now used to being called a retired pastor, but I am not yet retired very much. I enjoy going to part of our congregation preaching the word of God, serving sacrament and it keeps me healthy and moving very strong.

We have a car and tractor.

We wish you all the best and God be with you all.


Gideon & Line Soombe

December 24, 2010

Dear Jim & Mary Trutwin

Merry Christmas and Happy new year. Dear friends in Jesus Christ, we thank God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ which has given us another good time of writing to you. We also thank him because he had protected us from the beginning of this year and now we are approaching the year 2011.

We had so many things happening in our country; we had a serious drought which is now coming to the end. We had strong rains for two days, everything is back to life in few days, things will begin to be green grasses, trees, and cows, goats sheep will be fat again and be in good health and wild animals will also be happy. We started preparation of fields so cultivation will begin soon and we are hoping to plant maize, been as usual. You do remember when we tell you about the drought of our place you know what it looks like.

Bob Leenerts had a chance of visiting us during rain seasons. He had a chance to see flooding rivers and the cars stuck in the mud, this is how it is now. We thank God that he has protected us and our children. Our son Alonzo is married to Naishooki. Eble is completing form four, Moinam is going to form three, Lasoi our last born is going to form one, our first grandson is also going to form one.

Gideon had a good time of preaching and teaching Bible classes. We had a new Pastor who had helped him to go to several Bible classes so Gideon is busy in teaching and preaching.

I am still teaching at Naberera and also my Kindergarten is improving very much, next year we shall have 30 children going to class one. I am also teaching at Naberera but I will retire in the year 2013 January.

God has helped us for building the house is now up to lenter, you will see how far it is, we have now stopped to make another collection of money so that we can roof it. Our car is in the good condition and the tractor as well, but the tires of the car are worn completely. Bob bought us tires for the tractor so they are in a good condition. We still have poor planting of maize and beans because we don’t have harrow and planter.

This is how we are in Africa, how are you in America? How is your son and his family doing? How are the families in Golden? We still remember you all in Golden. Say hello to all the people of Trinity Lutheran Church and Emanuel Lutheran Church in Golden. Tell them we wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Is there anyone who is thinking of coming to Africa? We wish if we could see you again, but writing to you is half of seeing you. We love you all, GOD BLESS YOU.

MERRY X-MASS. Let the child Jesus be Born in your Heart AND HAVE A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2011.

Yours in the body of Christ;


This was emailed to Bob Leenerts:

Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010

Hello Bob,

We have received your letter today, it is a great day to hear from you. We are very sorry to be late to answer you. I am sure you know our problem that we don’t come to Arusha regularly. This time we stayed more than two months not coming to Arusha . But anyway we had not forgotten you. We have pictures of you. The children have been repeating recalling your words like “duka la dawa, bob tree which have grown up, Mark mood” and many things like sing. We can’t forget the community of Golden, Jim & Mary Trutwin, Louis Reuschel & Isabel, Bill & Rose, and all the community .We thank God that he so merciful, he protects our family and you.

Alonzo has already gotten married so we have a new member of this family. Ashleigh’s friend stayed with us learning Swahili. We had a nice time to stay with her.

We know that Mark is trying hard to finish this well very soon. Write to him when mama kuku return from England. We thank Mark very much for he was struggling to push us to finish this well. Next week we will give you a full report of the finishing of the house of a generator so that he can send us money for the generator and pump.

You told us about Ashleigh’s boss who wants to visit us. When we will it be and where will he being coming from. Is he Kenyan or an American? How long will he come and see us? Will she come with her boss to visit Naberera again? She is also welcome. Are you still thinking of coming to Africa and when do you think you would come if it happens? Please greet the all church of Golden tell them all we love them. God bless you.

We love you all,

Gideon & Line with family

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dear Jim Trutwin and people of Trinity Lutheran Church,

It has been a long time since we communicated. We have been remembering you several times whenever we see movies and the pictures of some of you that make us remember you. We are all fine in Africa. Our children are growing up. Alonzo (Solimeti) our elder son was married on July 3, 2010 and Moinan (Neppa) is in Form two. She is growing very tall as is Lasoi who is completing class seven this year. She will join secondary school next year. The rest of the family is all fine. Lunugen (Elbe) is also completing form four. He is taller than Gideon. Laila is now in class six.

The past rainy season has been a blessing. There is a lot of grass for the goats and cows, therefore the cows and goats are in good condition. People have corn and beans. There is no problem of food this year. We also have sufficient food for this dry season and the beginning of next year.

We have a new pastor of Naberera church and church is now divided in two parts. Kweka is in the southern part and Namjogo is in the northern part, which is ours. He is a young, good pastor. Two months ago our Diocese had an election of an assistant to the Bishop. We have a new Assistant Bishop. There is a great hope that there will be movement of the Evangelism work. This year we shall have the election of members of Parliament and President.

Our kindergarten school is improving this year. We will have 50 pupils and one new teacher. We have started building a new class.

We thank you very much for the equipment you sent us. Also thanks to your son and his wife, the Golden family and Mary. We are not predicting coming to America any time but we are with you in our prayers. We thank God when we remember you and everybody in Golden with great love. We welcome everyone to come to Africa.

May God bless you all,

Gideon & Line and family

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dear Friends,

greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We bring you good news that it has rained more than normal, some houses have fallen down and ten people lost their lives. Some have fallen at Mwanza also. Many Maasai lost many cows, goats and sheep because they were too weak to resist the hard rain. We have also lost five cows and it is still raining hard. There are floods all over the country. If it continues like this we shall very soon be cut off from coming to Arusha because the rivers will be flooded all over. We thank God that we have rain. We shall start cultivating food next year in March. If we can manage to grow corn that can last for three months. When the cows are strong we shall have milk probably next month. We have never seen such big rains. It is raining from the strong hand of God. We give thanks because he has everything planned with this strong storm of rain. We will be writing to you about how this rain and strong wind affects us. Many greeting to your people. We love you and God bless you.


Gideon & Line Soombe.

Early November 2009

Dear friends,

thank our heavenly Father who is protecting us and you too. Through His love we can communicate and remember one another. We do remember you, our brothers and sisters in Golden. We thank God that we are still surviving, in this terrible drought which is affecting all of Tanzania and Kenya. We are not sure of life because none of us have any store of food at home. All the cows look like skeletons and the goats and sheep are all the same. We can not see any green trees. Every tree looks dry but our Lord protects us. We can see his strong hand when we have a little to eat and our children are happy, we thank him for all that. We don’t normally see elephants here at Naberera but there are so many elephants here because of the water. We are also seeing buffalo. When you drive from Naberera to Arusha you can see many cows dead. Many people lost their cows. Some Maasai moved from Kenya all the way to Naberera because of the drought. We thank you brothers because of your prayers, we are sure you are with us. We also thank you very much for the contribution of the money you sent to us, we are sure the money will help us. We shall use some for buying food and some for the building. There is a great hope of rain. This month we are very much praying for it. When it rains hard, many cows will die. We don’t know what will happen but our lord knows. We thank him because He has everything under control. I wish we could meet again and have a time of much food and have a hamburger. Many Greeting to every body - Jim & Mary, Louis Reuschel, Bill and Rose and the rest of our beloved.

We love you, God loves you, Amen.

Gideon & Line Soombe.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear Brother and sister in Jesus Christ Pr. Trutwin and Mary,

We where very happy to hear that you are doing well.

We come to Arusha yesterday and go to Moshi Mweka because of our son in law Joel was graduating there and get a Certificate of tourism we thank God for that.

The rain started raining but it is very little. We will start harvesting at the end of Nov. Our children are doing well, Line is teaching and next week the pupils they start doing their examination so that they will close the school on 27th Nov. We didn’t finished building our house but we make breaks and Line borrowed money so that we bought cement. We are trying to buy some materials so that we can roof our house and we are doing this a little by little until we finish it.

How is your son & his family doing how about the people of Golden? Say hellos to the children and our kindergartner children remember them and are reading the story books for those pupils of pre-form one. Say hellos to every one there.

I hope God will bless us this year and give us enough rain. The land is real dry the Massai cows and goats are in a bad situation. May our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all till we meet again. We remember you all every day.

Pr. Gideon and Line Soombe.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dear Pr. Trutwin and Mary and all beloved people of Trinity Lutheran Church,

We greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It has been a long time since we communicated with you. We hope and pray that you are all fine, we are also fine. It has been hard, been very very dry here as you have heard that we had very little rain last year. The draught is very bad, we have had a very long drought. The trees, grass, even the land and the soil is very dry. All the animals are in a bad shape, tame animals and wild animals. We hope that next month we will get rain. The government is providing people food like maize for food, though it is not sufficient but it will keep us safe for few months. Gideon is going preaching in some churches in Naberera and teaching bible study for secondary school and primary school. Line is still teaching at her Primary school. All the children have grown up Lasoi in class six, Moinan is in form one T'ble in form three. Alonzo will soon be employed by DOSI as a driver and Joseph Ngina is employed by DOSI working in a factory here at Naberera. Seleina is learning English she wants to be a teacher. How are the people of Golden? The car is in a good condition and tractor too. We have 45 pupils in Lines kindergarten school, 17 people of English course and Pre-form one. Many greetings to all people. God bless you all!

Line & Gideon Soombe

Sunday, June 28, 2009 6:33 AM

Dear Pr. Trutwin & Mary,

Praise our Lord Jesus Christ. This is Line! I am very, very happy to hear from you. I hope you are doing well and your son and daughter -in- law too. Our area this year is very dry and we tried to plant maize and beans but we didn't get rain so the land is really very dry.

The people are suffering. Many cows are now here at Naberera because of water. We have a lot of water but no grasses. Other villages are suffering more than us because they don’t have water or grasses. But God will show us how to get by. Our Kindergarten Children went home for the short period until July 13/2009. Our home address is: Naberera Lutheran Church, P.O. Box 12312, Arusha, Tanzania

Many greetings to your family and people of Golden. The well project is ready, but we are trying to get a machine and pipes to supply water. We thank God that we got the water. You can send us a DVD because we have a DVD player and we use also a CD player.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you all if he wishes well shall meet again.

Yours, Line & Gideon Soombe

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dear Pastor Jim and Mary Trutwin and all the people of Golden,

When we took a book by Max Lucado which you gave us on August 2005, we read the words, “Shalom, my friend.” We remembered the year when we where in America and we put the picture of your son and Mary in that book. We really wanted to see him and his wife, you and Mary. We where watching the film you send to us through Bob Leenerts. This is the way we can hear your voices and see you moving and we thank you God for this good technology, other wise we are all fine: me, Line, our children and our grandchildren. How is Louse and Isabel doing? Where is Bill and Rose and how are the people of Golden doing—we remember them all. Our land is very dry now and we had no rain at all. The crops we plant are very dry. The north part of Tanzania is very dry Kilimanjaro, Tanga, Arusha and Manyara is very dry. Lines Kindergarten class is now doing on very nice. This year we have forty children and we have an experienced teacher from Tanga who is helping us to teach that class. We are using the things which you brought to us such as Manila cards, numbers, readings cards, colors and so on.

Greet the whole family of Golden.

May God bless you all.

Gideon and Line Soombe.

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